Origin Of Navagraha Statues


                       As per the instruction s and the directions of Shri Jai Santoshimata  the construction of  second part of the temple was completed and On Tuesday 28-12-1994 ( Shri Mukh Savanstar Margashirshya Shukla Poornima)  at Abhijit muhurtam at 12-08 pm , Navagrah statues were founded on as single  pedestal in front of Shree Jai Santoshimata .

Navghraha At Jai Santoshi Mata temple

                 “ Kaal Jnayna Graha Dheenam Griha Sarvaphal Prada”  It is said, In a human’s life all the difficulties ,grief and miseries happen due to Grahachara (Planetary moment)  At Shri Jai Santoshimata Temple devotes who come with Grahbadha ( Difficulties which arise due to planetary moment in one’s life) can take the benefit of  Navagraha Devata Pitha by following the way as instructed by Shri Jai Santoshimata

                 At the time of birth itself a human’s life is controlled by planets. So he suffers with the effect of grahabadha and he enjoys the prosperous fruits of good effect of the planets. A human can enjoy a peaceful and happy life by worship the Navagrah Devatas. At the time of Bhavadarshan Shri Jai Santoshimata conveys the solutions from Grahapida . Shri Kshetra Saunstan is convineint place to do those solutions also. So As per Mata’s order Shree Navagrah Devatas have been founded in a vedic manner.

               Like other devats worship has been told to Navagrahas. Grahas are worshiped by offering  grains ,cloth , flowers as they like differently on particular days or all navagrahas are worshiped at a time equally is the custom of Shastra.  Every day Navagraha Devatas are worshiped here at Shree Kshetra.

              Devotees adore Navagraha Devatas by offering fruits , flowers , ghee deep and putting daily pradakshina. Devotees worship them by doing abhishek , offering them Navadhanya, Navaratna and clothes and do the ordinance as prescribed in shastra. Devotees offer oil to Shree maruti on Saturday. Worshipper of Temple vedamurti shri Vishwayogishwar Ganesh Gayatri worships as per shastras.

               As the people in difficulty and adversity come to mother for relief, the  sufferer from grahabadha have to woship devatas. “ Devata  Graha Rupen Darshayanti Shubha Shubh “. Navagrhas themselves give the propitious fruits in the form of devatas. Surya in the from of Eshwar, Chandra in the form of Umadevata, Mangala in the form of Shanmukha, Budha as Vishnu, Guru as Brhma, Shukra as Indra, Shani as Yama, Rahu as Agni, like this each graha devata possesses power.

             As Sunday is the day of adoration for  Surya devata , saturaday for Shani devata , Rahu Ketu are adored .  In the Rashi Chakra grahas are having their own area and friendly and rivalry strengths. If the worship, charity, havan ,yajnya are done as prescribed in shastra for the relief of grahapida , long life and prosperity can be gained by the grace of Navagraha devatas.

              Not only for the wishes of human beings but at the time Pratistapan of Devatas for the welfare of Navagraha  archana and yajnya are done. “ Asou Devadvija Navagraha Prasadena Deerghayurbhuyat” .  By the prasad of Navagrah Deerghayushya, Ek-bhojan, Upavas, pradaksjina to graha idols , yajna and havan and parayan is done.

            While getting the fruit of devatanugraha ( Gods’s grace) if there is graham-peeda, place fault, black magic and evil power problem , it  can’t  be gained.  So Mata  instructs to get the  relief from these things in the beginning itself and conveys the devotees with correct ordinance  to solves the problem of graha –peeda. So devotees also get the blessings of Shree Mata. Because of this the Navagraha devtas of Shree Kshetra Saunsthan have become very famous.

              Not only for worship and religious activities but Shree Kshetra has become a center for Social and cultural activities . At a concesional rate lodging facility is also available in the choultry of Shree Kshetra for the devotees who come from outside .

Vehicle parking facility is provided for the devotees and tourist who come from different places of Karnataka, neighbouring states like Maharastra and  Goa and also for the tourists of other states. Coming by informing in advance is better.


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